Neocision Veg 340 LED Grow Lights

Neocision Veg 340 led grow lights are designed for multi-tier racking systems used in vertical grow applications. Stronger vegetative growth leads to better flower yields. Our high content blue keeps plants from stretching and provides tighter internodal spacing. Learn About Our Design Services


  • Tested efficacy of 2.72 μmols/J at 240 VAC
  • Industry Leading Horticulture LEDs
  • RJ Port for Plug and Play Control Systems
  • Folding Design for Fast and Easy Installation
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

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User Manual

Veg 340 led grow lights

 Neocision LED Grow Lights Optimized For
Vegetative Stage 

Most vendors will recommend the same grow light for flower and veg, recommending you dim the fixtures during vegetative stage. We have custom designed two grow lights, the Veg 340 and Veg 500 lights, for racks and over benches during the vegetative stage. How and why do we do this?

  • First, our Neocision 4-bar LED fixtures fit in four-foot-wide racks, by far the most popular width for multi-tier racks on the market today. Four-foot-wide racks maximize plant layouts to optimize canopy and reduce operational costs by making it easier for workers to reach into the canopy to manage and inspect their veg plants.
  • Second, our veg lights have multiple hanging options that allow for many alternative airflow solutions to improve overall plant health. For vertical racks, we strongly recommend under canopy airflow solutions like Dual Draft, if possible.
  • Third, our Veg 340 and Veg 500 lights can be accessorized with custom length power cables sized to fit your rack and spacing to reduce electrical installation costs while keeping wires organized and out of the way for workers.
  • Fourth, we have increased blue spectrum in our Neocision veg lights which keep your plants shorter in racks and tighten internodal spacing by reducing plant stretch. Watch this Bruce Bugbee of Utah State University video on optimal spectrum for plant growth and development here! Increased blue will expedite your time to flower, keep your plant heights manageable and ultimately provide stronger plants for increased yields.
  • Fifth, our veg lights are compatible with any 0-10V control system for light intensity management with built-in controller ports and controller cables included with every light.

Lastly, we offer two different wattage levels (340W and 500W) so growers can hang lights at a set point without having to raise and lower lights depending on the height of each tier of growth.

LED Grow Light Design

As part of our Neocision LED grow light offering, we offer free lighting layouts for any grow area with more than 500 square feet of plant canopy. Lighting lay-outs are created using ElumTools, a software product built by Lighting Analysts that has a specific mode for horticulture, and is fully integrated with Autodesk Revit for architectural floor plans.

ElumTools supports a separate and specific mode for horticultural lighting calculations. When the software is set in Horticulture Mode, luminaires and fixtures can be assigned output in terms of PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux in µmol/s, typically provided by the luminaire manufacturer), or by PPF Factor (µmol/s/kilolumen) which can be computed from the spectral power distribution of the light source. All point-by-point calculations will then be expressed in terms of PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, µmol/(s.m2)), which measures the amount of PAR light reaching the plants at the top of the canopy.

All lighting layouts, once fixtures are ordered, can then be provided in CAD to your electrician and / or electrical engineer to reduce costly redundant work.

3D CAD Layouts

LED Grow Light Installation

Vertical Racks with Power Harnesses